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The annual Advantage Kids Tennis Tournament of the CSUQ offers you a
fun-filled day of competitions in a friendly atmosphere.
Your contribution will help our youth to develop their full potential through
different programs, such as summer and winter camps (inclusive to children with
special needs), tutoring programs, support for children with learning difficulties,
after-school activities, educational programs, and many more. 
We must act now if we want to improve their chances of success and ensure that all
their dreams become reality.  They are our future!

On their behalf and ours, THANK YOU!




The CSUQ is a non-profit organization that offers a wide range of programs
and services that caters to the entire Jewish community. Our mission is to help
individuals and families by providing activities for the youth (camps and educational
and recreational trips), young adults (social and leadership training) and the elderly
(support and recreation) as well as providing support, referral and food support
services for those in need.​

"This event is the opportunity to make children happy and that is really important to us."

Presidents' Word

Children are our future, so it is our duty to do everything possible to give them every opportunity to have maximum moments of happiness. We will not change lives completely but with the help of all we can achieve the goal of shining sparks of joy, laughing and smiling to children. Give to this great cause but also with your efforts on the court for the players. This event is the opportunity to make children happy and that is really important to us.

Michael Bliah         Laurent Azran
Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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